23 March 2009


Tired. Tiiiiiiiiired. That's me in a nutshell lately, but do you think I could do something about it? Like maybe hmmmmm going to bed earlier than midnight? Nope, but I have a very valid reason for not tucking in earlier on a regular basis. It's called Child That Wakes Up Every Time I Enter The Bedroom. So I find myself making excuses to put off going to bed-surfing the internet, sweeping the floors, staring at walls, even falling asleep on the couch. Anything to put off going into our bedroom in the hopes that he'll sleep a bit longer before waking up.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Our new bedroom should be ready for us to move into this weekend. We've done some juggling with the rooms upstairs and the new plan is that Nicky and the new babe will sleep in the bigger bedroom that we currently use and Jeff and I are moving into the smaller bedroom. First though, we had to add more electrical outlets in the small room (there was only 1), a hookup for the t.v. and satellite (because God forbid we don't have a t.v. in our room *rolling eyes*) and knock out a wall to make the closet door bigger so that we can put bi-fold doors in. I'm SO effing done with reno's.

BUT. When we're finally in there and Nicky is in his own room then I can go to bed any time I want! Hooray! And then we're starting the sleep training for night time. Um, hooray? Ya, so not looking forward to that. We've done it for naps and it has been successful but it took weeks to do it. Not the fabled 1 to 3 days. I'm hoping that since he already knows the drill during the day it'll be easier for him to catch on at night. But my child has a combination of mine and Jeff's stubborness (ya I admit it, I'm stubborn) and he'll probably decide that he wants to make our life hell. Oh and he'll probably decide that he doesn't need to sleep during the day too. You know, just for good measure.

For now I'm hanging on for dear life to my fantasy of sleep in the near future.