30 July 2010

The novelty has completely worn off.

How do you explain consequences to a 10 month old?

Like, if they manage to climb up onto their brothers toddler bed they have to climb back down properly or else they will end up with a face full of floor.

Yep. It was cute a couple days ago when he started showing off his newly discovered skill of climbing. It quickly became a nightmare in which I envision trips to the ER because my baby has a broken nose.

I've been so proud of the little guy being so advanced with his major motor skills (I think that's what they're called, or maybe I just made that up) that this possibility never entered my mind. Yes, Nicky did walk pretty early too but we didn't have such a low surface for him to master. He tried the stairs but those are easily managed with a baby gate.

I'm at a loss on how to fix this "problem". I thought I could flip Nicky's bed around so the opening is facing the wall.

There is an opening on the other side too.

Okay. How about teach him how to get down properly so that he escapes injury.

1059 times later of flipping him on his belly and dragging his feet until they touch the floor, it's just not getting through to him.

Hmph. Let's just shut the door to the bedroom and put a child lock on it so that big brother can't open it.

SCREAMING. Oh the horror of not being able to freely access the toys in the bedroom.

As a last resort I have dragged the (thin) rug over to the bed and laid a pillow beside the bed to cushion his nosedives. I have to go in every 30 seconds to make sure Nicky hasn't run away with it. It would be nice if I didn't have anything else to do and could just watch over him. Unrealistic however.

For the first time ever, I'm wishing he couldn't even crawl yet. This is exasperating.

25 July 2010

Highlights from my night out.

-the DJ totally catering to the cougar crowd (us) and playing music from my early 20's. It got us in the mood for dancing and by the time he was playing current songs that I didn't know, I was drunk enough to not care.

-finding out that for a mere 50 cents more, I could turn my double vodka paralyzer into a triple. Score!

-turning around every 5 minutes and seeing good friends that I wasn't expecting to run into.

-my awesome friends who understand that Chantel + a couple drinks = one lippy chick.

** To the Fred Durst look-alike that came up to us while we were waiting for a cab, I was a super bitch, sorry. It's just...I have a low tolerance for BS and you weren't gonna get any action from any of us.

-the old Indie dude that kept dancing with Jessica. Hilarious!

-putting $5 in the VLT and cashing out with $40. Paid for my night out besides the cab home!

-my awesome husband who didn't act annoyed as I stumbled around in the dark, stepping on toys and almost killing myself.

It was totally worth the sluggish feeling and headache I have right now!

13 July 2010

Words cannot even describe how excited I am!!


Happy early Birthday to me! I'd take a picture of my new baby but I don't think I'll ever use another camera again. A picture of my new camera bag will have to suffice.

The hubs blew my socks of yesterday when he came home with a Canon EOS Rebel XS all for me. It's what I've wanted for almost as long as he's known me but with this, that, and the other, it just has never been an option.

But because he loves me and wanted to finally one-up me on a gift, he made the sacrifice of going into some personal debt to get me my dream present. Aw.

Now, some may say this is the ultimate suck up gift after he blew it big time last week. Flowers pfffft. Now, a camera. That is a genuine sorry, with a couple hundred cherry's thrown on top.

Actually the thought never even crossed either of our minds until a friend pointed it out. Alas, no. That incident has already been forgotten and truly wasn't THAT big of a deal that it would need to be smoothed over with such an expensive present.

I'm pretty sure that I'll get some kind of flowers next time though. Just sayin.

This is the Best. Present. Ever. In the history of all my presents. I'm in love.

5 July 2010

I promise this time it's different.

I'm well aware that I'm chock-full of good intentions. Generally, though, I lack the motivation to actually follow through on these things I come up with. Really it seeps into all areas of my life.

Flylady-did it for about 2 weeks then got bored and stopped. My house is no cleaner, I'm just more aware of my 'hot spots'.

30 Day Shred-did it once, just once. Used a lack of good support in the bosom area as an excuse to not continue.

Weight Watchers-well, this one I actually did well on. But I didn't renew my subscription, instead choosing to rely on an iphone app that just isn't as user friendly and therefore more of a pain in the ass.

So let me introduce you to my latest good intention: the C25K program. I'm well aware of my track record. Jeff is probably shaking his head right now, but that's why I haven't actually said it out loud to him.

The goal is to start next Monday. That gives me a week to flip back and forth over doing this, and also enough time for me to get some running shoes and the afore-mentioned bosom support. And hopefully that'll be enough time to recruit a running buddy. JESS.

*oh ya, and I finally checked my weight again. Now at 129. New goal, since I've met my original one (130) is 120 AND a flat tummy.