30 July 2010

The novelty has completely worn off.

How do you explain consequences to a 10 month old?

Like, if they manage to climb up onto their brothers toddler bed they have to climb back down properly or else they will end up with a face full of floor.

Yep. It was cute a couple days ago when he started showing off his newly discovered skill of climbing. It quickly became a nightmare in which I envision trips to the ER because my baby has a broken nose.

I've been so proud of the little guy being so advanced with his major motor skills (I think that's what they're called, or maybe I just made that up) that this possibility never entered my mind. Yes, Nicky did walk pretty early too but we didn't have such a low surface for him to master. He tried the stairs but those are easily managed with a baby gate.

I'm at a loss on how to fix this "problem". I thought I could flip Nicky's bed around so the opening is facing the wall.

There is an opening on the other side too.

Okay. How about teach him how to get down properly so that he escapes injury.

1059 times later of flipping him on his belly and dragging his feet until they touch the floor, it's just not getting through to him.

Hmph. Let's just shut the door to the bedroom and put a child lock on it so that big brother can't open it.

SCREAMING. Oh the horror of not being able to freely access the toys in the bedroom.

As a last resort I have dragged the (thin) rug over to the bed and laid a pillow beside the bed to cushion his nosedives. I have to go in every 30 seconds to make sure Nicky hasn't run away with it. It would be nice if I didn't have anything else to do and could just watch over him. Unrealistic however.

For the first time ever, I'm wishing he couldn't even crawl yet. This is exasperating.

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