23 July 2012


I posted on yesterday on Facebook that I was starting a countdown for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. This trip has been in talks for...oh about 10 months or so and the fact that it's 59 days away is super exciting! I should mention that it's a stagette for my oldest (one of them anyway) and closest (again, one of them) friends. Lest anyone think that it's just an excuse to have an uninterrupted 4 days away from my family. Or something like that...;)

The thought of a countdown, and how close we are to ripping it up Hangover style (seriously. Vegas should prepare) reminded me of how I was planning on meeting my weight loss goal by then. I'm really not anywhere near it. And that's taking into account the muscle I've built up from being active and getting in shape.

Because I'm actually really proud of myself at how far I've come. I can run for a solid hour, with just a couple 60 second breaks in there. That is MILES from where I started, when even thinking about running for 3 minutes freaked me the hell out. And as anyone who runs can tell you, getting into the zone and feeling that adrenaline rush makes you feel like a rockstar. It's addicting.

But I digress, because my love affair with running is NOT the point of this post. No, the thought of the countdown has prompted me to see if I can give up fast food for the next 59 days. Because as much as I'm eating FAR healthier now, I still have a weakness for Subway, Edo, McDonalds. Wendys. A&W, the list goes on and on. Quick Wok. YUMMO.

It doesn't help that I work evenings in a mall with a foodcourt. You know, evenings...that time of day when you eat dinner? And how many times have I not eaten the dinner I made for my family because I'm working that night and can just grab something there. It's ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the foodcourt is the reason my scale has stalled.

So that's the deal. No more fast food. If we hit up K-Days this year I am going to be in torturous hell. I mean, have you ever smelled fair food? We can see the fireworks and hear the live show from our house, and I'm pretty sure I can smell the mini-donuts too. Should I give myself ONE cheat day? We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

So countdowns:

To Vegas.........59 days
No fast food......2 days

17 July 2012

Adventures in Cookie Land

I've gathered all my ingredients, mixed most of them together, and am at the point of pouring the flour mixture into the egg/sugar mixture.

Nicky: What are you doing mom?
Me: (oh shit. COME ON I WAS ALMOST DONE) Just mixing together some stuff to make cookies.
Josh: Can I dooooo ittttttt???
Me: I....guess so. Okay fine, but be careful please.

Reluctantly, I hand Josh a cup of oats to pour into the VERY BIG, hard to miss mixing bowl. Which he promptly pours onto the counter.

Me: (breath. 1..2..3..) Oh no honey, you missed. Here let me clean it up.
Josh: I can dooooo ittttt.

And the oats that were on the counter are now on the floor.

Me: Okay you know what buddy, let mommy do this part.
Nicky: I can get it in mom, let me try.
Me: Here you go, just be very careful-oh, nice save! Amost had another mess! (rolling eyes, *&%#$)

A couple minutes and a few mishaps later, I am dropping blobs of of oatmeal and butterscotch yumminess onto the cookie sheet.

Nicky:(all wide eyes and high-pitched voice) OH HEY. Look at that MOM. It's like a COOKIE on that pan. Are WE making COOKIES????
Josh: I eat it?
Me: Yup guys, that's what we were doing. Making cookies! We can eat them after they've cooled down.

15 minutes later, after dancing around the kitchen and singing about cookies and Tinkerbell, we pull the greatly anticipated cookies out of the oven.

Me: Don't touch! They're hot you'll burn yourself.
Nicky and Josh: Okay mommy.

And what do you think happened next?

Josh: That's HOT! You no say it's HOT!
Nicky: Yes you did mommy, you did tell us it's hot. Josh you are not a good listener.
Me: (muttering to myself) Do I really sound like such a know it all?

....So, I know lots of parents like to bake with their kids. It's a 'bonding' and 'learning' experience. However, I find it to be a big pain in the ass. It takes double the time, creates 4 times the mess, and the little hooligans run off with all my measuring cups and spoons. I still do it though, because I'm a 'good' mom and it makes them happy.

We're creating memories over here, yo.