3 March 2011


Dudes, I don't get sick. Seriously, the last time I got sick was when I was pregnant with Nicky. Before that, I couldn't even tell you. Oh, I get the general not-feeling-well malaise every so often but it never turns into a concrete sickness.

Apparently I was a little too cocky. Cuz this has knocked me on my ass.

It started out as a flu, minus the stomach ailments. PHEW. That was good for a few days, feverish and totally out of it. Then it turned into a head cold. And the worst stuffed nose in the history of stuffed noses. One night it took me a good 5 hours to fall asleep. I kept popping pills in the hopes of just overloading my body into passing out...and I made some kind of messed up post on facebook railing at my orthodontist from high school. Wtf. What can I say, I was high.

And then today. Ya, today. Today is when the previously mentioned stomach ailments decided to pay a visit. My bathroom was a disaster zone, what with the kids having pretty much free reign in there.

And the 2 littles are sick too. From what I can tell, it's just a cold on both their parts and right now I'm listening to Nicky cough up a lung as he's trying to sleep. Poor dude. Josh has a majorly runny nose and that seems to be the extent of his sickness. They're both in pretty good spirits too, considering. I'm pretty sure Liam is going to get hit by this too, but he's at his dads right now so I don't have to worry about him for a few days.

Jeff hasn't gotten this. Yet. And it's looking like he's holding out, which is AMAZING. Seriously, he's the one that gets sick out of the two of us. But OMG I thank everything above that he's not sick because he's picked up the slack incredibly the past 5 or 6 days. He's gotten up with Josh in the middle of the night so I could sleep. He's taken over when he gets home so that I could sprawl on the couch guilt free. He's made more runs to Safeway for supplies than I can even count. Slurpees for me since my throat hurts so bad. Just overall awesomeness.

It's my hope that I'll start turning the corner soon. If for no other reason than this phlegm crap is disgusting and is going to drive me crazy. I'm already gone through one box of Kleenex just on spitting this crap out. Ya, this post is chock full of lovely, appetizing reading isn't it?