22 April 2010

Another milestone reached!

Well lookie here. At 7 months and 1 day, Joshua is now able to pull himself up into a standing position!


From what I can remember, he's right on track with where Nicky was at this age. I'm expecting him to be full on walking in about 3 months. Holy Crap that's not far away. Liam was my lazy baby, he was totally content to be carried around by all of us women and didn't bother walking until he was 16 or 17 months old. Now you can't stop the kid!

I actually can't wait till he starts walking. I love the independence that he's learning!!

19 April 2010

Please let this not become a habit

You know that time of the day, when all your children are in bed? You know, when it's quiet? It feels so nice to know that everyone is taken care of and that another successful day is done. Even if the dishwasher is only half emptied because of grabby-handed toddlers trying to "help" and there's an abadoned broom in the living room because a certain demanding infant needed tending. And the pre-teen went to bed in a snit because you didn't scratch his back long enough.

That's my favorite part of the day.

You know that time of night, when 2/3 of your children are in your bed? In your double-sized bed? It doesn't feel nice knowing that your toddler can now get out of his bed and run to yours when he wakes up at night, when you already have two adults and an infant in the bed. Especially if said toddler is a mover and a shaker in the sack and there's barely enough room as it is.

That's not my favorite time of the night.

He must not have gotten much sleep either because as he was taking his poop this morning he fell asleep draped over his toy aquarium. WISH I had gotten a picture of that!!

16 April 2010

I'm giving in to the inevitable.

My baby likes boobies. That's it, that's all, don't even bother with anything else.

Trust me, we've been trying for the past almost 7 months to get this boy to tolerate a bottle and it's SO not happening. Sure, I guess in a couple emergency situations he's reluctantly taken a few sips here and there but for the most part he'd rather scream his head off until the boob shows up. Just ask my husband or sister, they've both experienced the hell that is a screaming hungry infant.

Man, we thought Nicky had inherited a combo of our stubbornness. Then we had Josh who took it to a whole 'nother level.

My response to this frustrating fact depends on the day...heck, even the time of day! A lot of the time I love to nurse him, it gives me a chance to sit down and relax and stare at him. He's cute! I could stare at that kid for hours!

Other times, like while travelling or when I want to get out for a couple hours, I just wish he would allow us to stick a bottle (of breastmilk) in his mouth. It would make things ever so much easier. It would make me feel like I have some sort of life outside of being a milking cow. It would make Jeff feel like he can comfort him and have that special time with him too.

Then there's the whole formula/breastmilk aspect of this. I admit I'm being stubborn about wanting him to have only breastmilk but he's my last baby and...ya, sure, whatever. I'm being stubborn about it. Oh well.

I plan on letting him breastfeed until *gasp* he decides he's done. I think that scares Jeff. I think he has visions of Josh walking around and pulling my shirt down and talking in complete sentences asking for milk. Hell, that kinda scares me too!

The way I see it, I don't have much choice in this matter. The kid has us over a barrel and I, for one, surrender.

15 April 2010

Legal driver am I!

I *did* weigh myself on Monday and I'm holding steady at 134 pounds. Time to do something to get this back on track. But...didn't I say that last time? I need some motivation!

ANYway. I've got some momentous news. After...ummm...how old am I? Oh yes, 31 this August. Okay, after almost 17 years I have finally, FINALLY gotten a learners license. Yes, close your jaws folks, it's true. I walked my ass down to the registry and did it. I had to update my ID since it expired last August and still had my maiden name on it along with my moms address, since Ford needed something *legal* as identification for our contract for the Flex. (If that doesn't indicate my level of procrastination, I don't know what will. I've been married almost 3 years). I figured, since I was there, I may as well take the test.

Initially I didn't study at all. I took the practice tests online, aced those, and decided I'd just wing it. Well the time came to go, I took one look at my bitchy kids, and decided a better idea would be to put them down for naps and read the manual. The test was only $17 but I figured it was probably the only time I'd actually do it, procrastinator that I am, so I should make every effort to pass.

And pass I did! I didn't even have to complete the test! I got to question #27 and since I had only gotten 2 questions wrong so far I got to stop there since even if I got the next 3 wrong I would still pass. Sweetness!

Okay, so when I'll get behind a wheel I couldn't begin to tell you. But this is definitely a step in the right direction!