16 May 2013

The Wiggles.

A benefit to having small kids is that they're the perfect weight for walking on your back. C'mon we all do it right? Force our children into being makeshift deep-tissue masseuses. You know it.

Anyway, today I was trying my best to cajole Josh into walking on my back. Hell, I even gave him permission to jump! I EVEN tried to play him and Nicky against each other. 

Me: Oh that's fine Josh, Nicky will be the good boy and walk on mommy's back.

Nicky: Um no, I don't want to.



Anyway, so I asked them why they always walked on daddy's back but they never wanted to walk on mine. They were brutally honest.

Josh: Your legs are wiggly. Your bum is wiggly too. I fall over like this (demonstrating walking on a waterbed)

Nicky: Ya and your back is wiggly too!

Thanks kid, I suppose I can add BACK FAT onto my list of flaws?

In other, totally unrelated news, we're 26 days away from the big move. Last time I posted we were 52 days out. Time is going so so fast, less than 4 weeks to go!