31 August 2011

Holy stinky feet, batman.

Liam has this friend. They hang out every day, so you could probably say they're best friends. Mention that to either one of them though and you'll get a 'look' and they'd say they're just friends.
God, 12 year olds are so weird.
But about this friend. Over this summer puberty has hit him (and Liam) with a vengeance. And along with all those lovely puberty 'things' has come overactive sweat glands. He's got the personal hygiene thing down, but he forgot one little thing.
He can't wear his runners without socks anymore.
I've noticed the stink a couple times in the past month. And I've ribbed him about it once or twice and he takes it with a grin. He knows. And he's taken to wearing socks now.
But DAMN. I think his runners are ruined because he slept over last night and it's all I could smell.
Without hesitation, I filled a bowl up with warm water and grabbed some soap and took it downstairs to him. And he was sheepish about it and I TRIED not to embarass him. But I did explain to him that it was probably his shoes that were making his feet smell like Doritos.
I was pretty close to throwing his shoes outside too, but I restrained myself.
I'll betcha he'll be getting new shoes sometime in the near future. Y'know, with junior high starting tomorrow he's got to make a good first impression with the ladies. And stinky feet is NOT how any boy or man wants to be remembered.

21 August 2011

To my Joshy.

This is gonna be quick and dirty, since I'm out of time this morning. Today is blog hop day and it's dedicated to my youngest monster.

Josh. You were 100% a suprise and at first not a happy one. Maybe that's not nice but it's true. Your brother was only 8 months old when we found out about you and I really couldn't see past the scariness of having two kids only 16 months apart.

Then the excitement came, along with the knowledge that things always work out. I started hoping for my long-awaited girl. The ultrasound tech even gave me hope but in the end she couldn't get a good enough shot of your goods to tell me for sure.

I didn't find out you were a boy until you were born and for a split second my heart dropped. Again, not nice but it's the truth. And then came the love. I know boys. I knew I had this one in the bag.

And you would have made a horrible girl. You are a little boy through and through. I couldn't imagine you any other way, with your weekly fat lips, constant scrapes on your knees, and crazy yell.

I'm proud to tell people I'm a mother to all boys. It feels like I'm in a special club. When I think about you and your brothers I just can't imagine any other dynamic for our little family. You guys are rough and tumble and just love each other so much.

So Josh, thank you for being the best suprise and thank you for being you.

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12 August 2011

Back from hiatus.

It's official, my last baby is not a baby anymore. I'm not at all sad about this.

In fact, I can't wait until he's a little bit older and calms the eff down already. Although...if we're being completely honest I think that is more to do with his personality and not so much to do with his age. This youngest one is a bit of a party animal. And he's wild. SO WILD.

It's been about a week and a half that he's completely weaned off the boob. Okay, so he'd been down to only in the morning for the past couple months but still. It's nice to be done for good.

One more thing that pushes Josh from baby straight into toddler with no chance of looking back? He's regularily climbing out of his crib. And not even the climbing up to the top and then falling down to the floor version, he scales that thing like a monkey.

Looks like we'll be dusting off the trusty toddler bed this weekend. That $150 purchase 10 years ago has surely been put to good use. Even though it's ugly as hell. But there's no way I could bring up the idea of buying another bed. Because numerous people would agree that I probably have a bit of a problem buying childrens beds.

Liam is 12 and he's had...6? Ya, I think 6 different beds, including his crib and toddler bed.

But now that we've brought up the subject, how cute would matching beds and blankets look in there? I'm thinking IKEA (of course) Malm beds, in a light color to match their dresser. With a bookcase between them...

I should probably go back to cleaning the house now. Best not to keep going down that path.