14 January 2014

Sneaky Sneaky

We're on the one week countdown to Mexico, where we're going to celebrate the marriage of a totally awesome couple. It's also the first time Jeff and I have ever been anywhere tropical, either together OR separately.

This is a trip sans kids. Well, sans OUR kids, which is just as well because if other people want to wake up at the crack of who-the-hell-knows with kids wanting to play in the ocean, all the more power to them. No, we've been lucky enough to have my sister offer to watch the little monsters.

(As we inch closer to the time, she's highly regretting it I'm sure. Her kids compared to mine are like angel children compared to the little bastards from Lord Of The Flies.)

(I'm exaggerating of course)

But anyway, I have been throwing shit into my suitcase for about a week now. People laughed at me because I'm doing it so early BUT if I had waited like a normal person then I wouldn't have realised that there's, um, not quite enough room for all the crap I NEED to take.

You ladies will understand. I need clothes for during the day and dresses for the night time too. I need bathing suits and cover-ups, and sandals that will work with all that. I need to bring my runners JUST IN CASE I feel so inclined. So I also need a set of workout clothing. Accessories, makeup, hair crap.

Feel free to message me if I'm forgetting something essential. Like Imodium, I'm told to make sure that's in the suitcase.

Point being, more than will fit in one suitcase which is where having time to think of this has paid off.

I'm going to take all of mine and Jeff's stuff, divide it out equally between our two cases, and pack them that way. This works for a couple reasons: if one of our pieces gets lost then we still have stuff in the other. The other plus is I get away with more stuff since he's FOR SURE not taking as much crap as me.

It's quite brilliant really. Not quite as brilliant was blabbing my super secret plan on my blog but I'm sure my husband just wants me to be happy. Right.

1 January 2014


It's been almost 7 months to the day since I've dusted off this old thing. Many times I've thought of it and just as many times I've brushed off that urge. See, I rarely fire up the 'ol laptop anymore and blogging from the iPad? No thanks.

But what the hell, it's a new year! What better impetus to get this started? And plus, it's been in the back of my head since my grandma told me she loves to hear my take on our crazy life and family. I love that she enjoys my words :)

I'm pretty sure I had some goals for the past year but damned if I can remember them. Go back and look them up in the blog, you say? Hmm, if a girl is too lazy to open her laptop (that lives 5 feet away from where she plants her ass on a daily basis), do you REALLY think she's going to go to the trouble of looking up archives. Really.

But for THIS year, here's what I've got.

-continue with the running and get some bigger numbers in this year.
-sign up and run half-marathons in May, August, and tentatively October.
-commit to a racing series called 5 Peaks (quite excited for this one!)
-put myself in more time-outs so that I can be more patient with the kids.
-paint all the rooms in the top level of our house by the end of the year (heyyyy Jeff, SURPRISE!!)
-STOP worrying about what I'll look like on the beach in Mexico because I'm pretty sure I'll be too drunk to give a shit.

So there's the list, half running-obsessed, mixed with a bit of vanity, bloggy manipulation, and hopeful self-improvement.

With that said, I'm off to start on that first resolution!