24 October 2011

It's potty time.

Over the past few months I've gotten all pissy a couple times about the wild one's propensity for diaper ripping. And then publicly declared that it was potty training time. Only to give it up after 3 hours as a lost cause.

Well it's happening again. I'm publicly declaring that it's 'that time again folks'. But this time I plan on being a tad bit smarter than previous attempts. After sitting him down on the potty, him doing nothing, and then making water in his drawers 5 minutes after I put them on him, I had a brilliant flash of inspiration.

Instead of setting the timer in order to sit him down every 15 minutes, I'm setting it to see how long he can go between peeing and then trying to determine if there's any sort of pattern. Then tomorrow when we start for real, I should hopefully have some sort of game plan instead of making him sit down and hang out on the potty against his will.

The whole being bored sitting on the potty was a major source of frustration when I was training Nicky. I'm trying to avoid that this time around. And I figure if I give it a good effort for a week and it's not getting through to him then he's not ready.

But he ripped his diaper off and ran into his bedroom and took a shit on his dresser this morning. I wouldn't say I wasn't paying attention but I'm so used to Nicky tattling that I didn't catch it in time. It was "scusting". And I'm very much over it.

Only thing I'm worried about, besides the mountains of laundry this will result in? That Jeff will get impatient with this new method and just slap a diaper on him since it's easier. And that concern is not unfounded since he did the same thing with Nicky. But I'm sure that won't happen since I'm calling him out on it here right?

How does that song go? You may say I'm a dreamer....

19 October 2011

School is cool.

A month in to this pre-school thing and I'm prepared to eat my previous opinions on the whole 'pushing kids so fast' thing. I've been the mom helper twice now and it's nothing like how I thought it would be.
They do nothing but play and make crafts and run around and have snack. There's no formal teaching. And I like that. I'm not a mompetitor *snicker*. I figure if he's not doing advanced calculus by kindergarten then I might have to step in. Right now we're cool with numbers and colors and shapes.
One thing though, and this was completely out of the blue. Pre-school has turned my formerly independant and full-of-energy kid into a major lazybones.
Months upon months ago, we got rid of the double stroller. Nicky hated being confined and was mature enough to handle walking next to the stroller without running off and getting killed by a moving vehicle. So now we have a regular 'ol Graco for Josh and it's been so nice to not push around a monstrosity.
Except now Mr. Lazybones has claimed the basket for his own. Which, okay he fits down there. And he's not a heifer so he's not breaking it. But damn. Now I look like some kind of welfare mom who couldn't afford to spring for a double stroller for her two closely-spaced kids with different baby-daddies.
Don't believe me? One of the moms at school stopped me one day and offered me her used double stroller that she has no need of anymore. I sputtered some nonsense about having one and getting rid of it-I probably didn't make any sense. I was a little mortified. I'm pretty sure I flashed my wedding ring so that she would know I was a respectable woman.
So all in all, this pre-school has been a positive experience. My own insecurities aside of course. And the 3 hour break twice a week? Priceless. It's given me a taste of what life will be like in 2 years when he starts kindergarten and Josh is in pre-school too. I find myself very much looking forward to it.

5 October 2011


It's interesting to watch my children interact with each other. I swear, I could sit and watch them for hours and marvel over how their personalities are emerging.

Except for when Liam is pinning Nicky down and that god-awful screech starts. When that happens I do not marvel. I get pissy.

When Nicky was born, Liam was over the moon excited to have a brother. It was awesome for the first few months when Liam could love on him and Nicky didn't really have much choice in the matter. Babies, after all, are pretty helpless.

After a while Liam figured out that it's also fun to bug brothers. So that started. And so it went like this: Liam would bug Nicky. Five minutes later Liam would want to cuddle him. Nicky, remembering the torture that went on just prior, would protest. Loudly.

As it stands right now, they bug each other, and yell at each other, and every six months you'll find them cuddled up and watching a t.v. show.

Liam tried the same games with Josh but he quickly figured out that the torture doesn't bother Josh as much as it did Nicky. As a result, things are much more friendly between those two. That's NOT to say he doesn't pick on Josh too, it's just that he doesn't get the same reaction so he doesn't do it as often.

And how are things between the two youngest, you might ask?

Nicky would throw Josh under the bus in a New York minute. It's actually the cutest thing to watch, but it's also totally selective. Typical scenario:

They're both in bed and we hear somebody running around the room, turning on lights, pulling out dresser drawers and emptying them, turning up the radio volume. In goes Daddy to give 'em shit and Josh has a huge smile on his face and is nodding his head as Jeff scolds him.

Here's Nicky. "I'm being a good boy daddy. I didn't get out of my bed. Josh is being a bad boy daddy, give him trouble. He needs a spank".

Repeat as necessary for any number of situations. It happens 15 times a day. And I'm pretty sure Josh is not the only one doing naughty things. He just doesn't talk as well as Nicky does yet.

Like I said, it's very interesting to watch their personalities in regards to each other develop. Liam's the bully, Nicky's the brown-noser, and Josh is the scapegoat.

Hm, maybe next time I should write a post highlighting their more endearing qualities? They do have them, I swear.