12 January 2010

My kids are so damn cute.

Even Liam is cute. Sure, he's a cranky pre-teen most of the time but when you catch him unawares and he's just being himself I am reminded of that sweet little boy he used to be.


Nicholas is dramatic. When he's happy, he's really really happy. But when he's mad...


And Joshua is just about the cutest little thing with his dimples. He's growing so quickly that I can barely even stand it.


I'm the luckiest mom in the world and most days I know it! I may not be sure I'm doing things right most of the time but they're happy so I'm probably not far off the mark :)

7 January 2010


C-sections used to be an issue that didn't affect me personally. And I suppose they still don't, but having come so close to one I find myself getting angry on behalf of people who have them. Even if those people, women, aren't angry themselves. I just think in most cases they are so absolutely unneccesary...and yet I experienced firsthand how in the heat of labor a woman can be coerced into thinking she or her baby is going to die without one. DIE. Of course you're going to say yes.

Despite my anger on behalf of others, and general disgust at the way woman are manipulated into accepting these procedures, all I do is silently stew over it. Just a random thought for the day.

I inadvertantly...

...did a scrap page that works for a mission create challenge! I had already planned on using most of the prompts, and added in the strip journaling. Even though I didn't "have to". And even though I almost never journal on my pages. It was nice to be able to use pink on a boys page, it was subtle enough, I think, to work :)