31 January 2012

It's about me this time!

How about another round of 'Random Things'. But this time about me!

-My energy level has tanked. Like, I could fall asleep right now as I type and my mouth is in a permanent yawn. There are probably many different reasons for this but I'm betting the biggest one is that I find it impossible to fall asleep before midnight every night.

-I have finally, and for the last time ever, quit smoking. It only took almost 17 years after I first started to be able to say it and mean it. And over the last week I've been tested, let me tell you. Probably the worst. time. ever. to quit but we can't predict what life throws at us.

-I'm going back and forth between saving up to buy a treadmill and trying to find a gym buddy and joining Spa Lady. The treadmill would probably be more cost effective but the gym! They have Zumba classes! That I'd probably never attend but still!

(This is where Jeff pipes in and reminds me that a) where the fuck would we put a treadmill? and b) I couldn't find the time to go to the gym before so what's changed? And I would say: Darling, I let you babble on about all your crap. Let me do the same.)

(But I am serious about wanting to do one of those 2 things. I've got it all planned out.)

-I'm in the process of growing out my hair. I'm an idiot and assumed that all I'd have to do is not go to my hair stylist. A word of warning to anyone trying to grow out a pixie cut, you still need to have your hair looked after or else it'll look like a big 'ol poofball. That, or you'll look like a sheepdog with all that damn hair in your eyes. It's not very attractive. Luckily I have an appointment this evening and I can go back to being stunning. Phew.

-One more thing, and you knew I wouldn't be able to not mention my kids right? This whole no-energy thing is making for one not very fun house right now. Because in addition to me being exhausted, the kids are no longer napping which means they are extra lovable and charming come about 2:30 in the afternoon. It makes it hard to keep tempers even and the yelling to a minimum. And that goes for EVERYONE in the house. We're all bitchy lately. I'm really wishing for one of those 'Easy' buttons about now.

On that note, I've got one child (I'll give you one guess who) whining and pointing at the fridge for some YOOOOGURRRRT. I've been told.

17 January 2012

Hello again.

I've been in a blog rut lately. Can't think of anything interesting enough to write about so I've been silent for...a couple weeks? A month?

So how about some random crap? Yay!

-Nicky is majorly whiny lately. Like, make your brain bleed whiny. Apparently I've commented on this enough that when I give him the warning "Nicholas..." he responds with "I'm making your brain bleed?". Huh.

-Josh has a soundtrack to his life lately. It goes something like this: "Boom-boom, cha. Boom-boom, cha". All day, as he's playing with his cars, as he's eating his breakfast, as he's watching tv. We've all found ourselves making these sounds under our breath, it's quite catchy.

-After a serious talk with my eldest about respect, in which I told him he needed to look up the definition if he couldn't figure it out, life has been very attitude-free for the past 5ish days. I'm savoring it, who knows when it'll end? Also, he's going to be 13 in exactly 2 months. Thir-effing-teen. Where did my life go?

-Oh, and about Liam too. And this makes me roll my eyes and in some sneaky way be proud too (because he obviously got his looks from me). Amongst his friends, according to him, he's got the best hair. The guys are all trying to grow theirs out to look like his, and the girls think it's "so sexy". There's something that doesn't feel...right....about 12 year old girls thinking my kids hair is 'sexy, but unfortunately I can't control what comes out of other peoples mouths so I'm just going with it.

Oh look! A whole blog post! Who knew my kids were so damn interesting?