22 April 2013

50 days countdown.

There it is, our new house! Isn't it pretty? 

This whole house selling/buying process has gone pretty fast once I think about it. We got an offer on our house after 24 days on the market, we went and looked at houses the following week and made our own offer right away. This was the third house we looked at (although not the last).

I really didn't think that we'd end up with a newer house. I've always been drawn to older houses with loads of character but unfortunately the community we're moving to just does not have that kind of market in our price range. The ONE house we looked at that was more than 10 years old was a dump. For real. 

But this house grabbed both of us even before we knew it was the house we were looking at, when we were across the street at the 7-11. I would have been devastated if this deal had fallen through. It has more of a personality than any other house we looked at, with neat details that make it unique to us. 

We're all very excited to move. Our little house has seen a lot of life lived in it over the last 6 years and it was perfect for us when we bought it. Family with one kid? Ideal. Family with 3 kids? We've maxed out our space big time. We're bursting at the seams! 

So the countdown is on! Knowing that it's ours is making bumping into each other at the kitchen counter a bit easier to bear. It's making listening to the kids fighting alldaylong a bit more 'musical'. It's making running down to the pantry in the basement because there's not enough room upstairs, no big deal. Having my clothes in the kids closet because there's no room in ours? Soon enough we'll have a walk in closet. 

I can hardly wait!!!