13 July 2010

Words cannot even describe how excited I am!!


Happy early Birthday to me! I'd take a picture of my new baby but I don't think I'll ever use another camera again. A picture of my new camera bag will have to suffice.

The hubs blew my socks of yesterday when he came home with a Canon EOS Rebel XS all for me. It's what I've wanted for almost as long as he's known me but with this, that, and the other, it just has never been an option.

But because he loves me and wanted to finally one-up me on a gift, he made the sacrifice of going into some personal debt to get me my dream present. Aw.

Now, some may say this is the ultimate suck up gift after he blew it big time last week. Flowers pfffft. Now, a camera. That is a genuine sorry, with a couple hundred cherry's thrown on top.

Actually the thought never even crossed either of our minds until a friend pointed it out. Alas, no. That incident has already been forgotten and truly wasn't THAT big of a deal that it would need to be smoothed over with such an expensive present.

I'm pretty sure that I'll get some kind of flowers next time though. Just sayin.

This is the Best. Present. Ever. In the history of all my presents. I'm in love.

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