5 July 2010

I promise this time it's different.

I'm well aware that I'm chock-full of good intentions. Generally, though, I lack the motivation to actually follow through on these things I come up with. Really it seeps into all areas of my life.

Flylady-did it for about 2 weeks then got bored and stopped. My house is no cleaner, I'm just more aware of my 'hot spots'.

30 Day Shred-did it once, just once. Used a lack of good support in the bosom area as an excuse to not continue.

Weight Watchers-well, this one I actually did well on. But I didn't renew my subscription, instead choosing to rely on an iphone app that just isn't as user friendly and therefore more of a pain in the ass.

So let me introduce you to my latest good intention: the C25K program. I'm well aware of my track record. Jeff is probably shaking his head right now, but that's why I haven't actually said it out loud to him.

The goal is to start next Monday. That gives me a week to flip back and forth over doing this, and also enough time for me to get some running shoes and the afore-mentioned bosom support. And hopefully that'll be enough time to recruit a running buddy. JESS.

*oh ya, and I finally checked my weight again. Now at 129. New goal, since I've met my original one (130) is 120 AND a flat tummy.

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