25 July 2010

Highlights from my night out.

-the DJ totally catering to the cougar crowd (us) and playing music from my early 20's. It got us in the mood for dancing and by the time he was playing current songs that I didn't know, I was drunk enough to not care.

-finding out that for a mere 50 cents more, I could turn my double vodka paralyzer into a triple. Score!

-turning around every 5 minutes and seeing good friends that I wasn't expecting to run into.

-my awesome friends who understand that Chantel + a couple drinks = one lippy chick.

** To the Fred Durst look-alike that came up to us while we were waiting for a cab, I was a super bitch, sorry. It's just...I have a low tolerance for BS and you weren't gonna get any action from any of us.

-the old Indie dude that kept dancing with Jessica. Hilarious!

-putting $5 in the VLT and cashing out with $40. Paid for my night out besides the cab home!

-my awesome husband who didn't act annoyed as I stumbled around in the dark, stepping on toys and almost killing myself.

It was totally worth the sluggish feeling and headache I have right now!

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