15 March 2010

Sickness in the house.

Weekly weigh in: still 140 pounds. Actually, I did lose 3.5 ounces but that hardly counts. Damn hot wings and Subway.

In other exciting news, both of my younger children have colds. It's been a tough weekend to be sure, but nothing compared to last night from 1-7 am when I finally got up for the day.

First off, Josh took for-freaking-ever to settle down. Tried laying in bed with him and he thought it was party time, so I came out to the living room to feed him and then rock him to sleep. About 11-ish he was out but that only lasted till 1 and then he was up and crying. He couldn't eat because he was so congested, and he couldn't lay down because he was just miserable. I set up the pillows so I could sit up and have him on my chest but that only kinda worked and I was paranoid about him falling out of my arms and off the bed.

So we moved out to the couch at 3 and it was no better, but at least Jeff could get rest. I know he would have moved had I asked him to but he's the one going to work and he's gotta be more on the ball there than I have to be. I think I slept for a max of 15-20 minutes at a time but more often 10 minutes. It really sucked.

In between trying to comfort Josh I had to tend to Nicky a couple times too. Nothing dramatic, just reassuring him he was okay and laying him back down and turning on his fishies. Thank God.

This morning I had an awful outlook for the day. Nicky was whiney as all heck and Josh was coughing up a storm. Poor kiddo's, it's not their fault they feel like crap, but I was really discouraged from the lack of sleep and having snotty children hanging off of me for the past 2 days. I was starting to get a headache and had no faith in the magical powers of coffee.

Then, as if the skies opened up and a ray of light started shining down, they decided that life wasn't so awful after all. They gobbled up their tylenol, their fevers went down, they had a chill-out period watching Cars, and all was good. They're still sick, yes, but Nicky at least is on the mend and playing. He doesn't have that drugged up glassy look in his eyes anymore, and Josh is smiling and laughing between his coughing fits. I'm sure tonight will suck balls again but I'm much more prepared for it.

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