19 November 2010

Damage control.

I broke down the other day and signed up for Weight Watchers again. It irks me to have to do it because I know what I can and can not be eating. What's high in calories and blah blah blah.

Me: I really want some halloween candy.

My Conscience: you know, you've been eating quite a bit of that stuff in the past few weeks.

Me: It tastes so good. I hardly ever indulge in chocolate.

My Conscience: but instead of 10 snack size chocolates, how about just 2?

Me: shut up. I'm PMSing.

My Conscience: for 2 weeks huh? Whatever you say.

Me: nom nom nom.

If you didn't guess, that's an example of my internal dialogue. It gotten a little out of hand. And while I realise a 6 pound weight gain over the course of 14 days can't just be attributed to smarties and coffee crisps, it was the catalyst.

I need a visual reminder of where I'm standing on a daily basis. An easy, user-friendly program. So as much as it killed me to spend $85 for 3 months just to reinforce something I already know, it had to be done.

So we're back on the bandwagon at 137 pounds as of this past Monday.

However, I have a coffee addiction. Specifically a coffee creamer addiction. So I decided to not count my creamer in my points. I am breaking the rules. I'm such a rebel.

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