8 January 2011

Better call Paranormal State, stat!

Hoooo boy am I going to have fun with this one, on SO many different levels.

As much as he likes to insist otherwise, Jeff thinks evil and unexplainable things lurk around every corner. When we bought this house he and a friend found some weird pentagram based candle sticks in the ceiling of our basement. After quickly stuffing them back up there and boarding it up he told me that if anything "off" happened then we were outta here.

Nothing happened.

I could go on, the examples are endless. But I would get off track and I really want to tell you what we discovered yesterday.

Nicky has an imaginary friend! Let me introduce you to Max.

As far as we can tell, Max is a "nice boy" who "runs super fast" and likes to smell stinky poo's. That's all we really know about him so far, that and the fact that the very idea of an imaginary friend has Jeff's imagination going into o-v-e-r-d-r-i-v-e.

He wants to research our house to see if there was ever a little boy called Max who lived here and died. Because a ghost is OBVIOUSLY the natural answer to our son having an overactive imagination.

Oh wait. Maybe he got that from his dad? It's a stretch, I know.

Imaginary friends are bred into his genes. I had one, his dad probably had 50, my sister had a couple. No biggie, as long as Max doesn't start flushing toys down the toilet, pouring a 4 litre jug of milk on the floor, or causing general destruction.

Seriously, my children are hurricanes enough as it is without added interference.

But. BUT. This is going to be highly entertaining just for the Jeff value alone. He's already so skeeved out by the thought that our house is haunted by a ghost that I anticipate endless hours of hilarity. I like to exploit his weaknesses and I can't leave this one alone.

Thank you Nicholas, for being such an awesome kid!


Jan Marie said...

I have fond memories of my oldest childs imaginary friend. My youngest had a whole classroom full.

TMTCO said...

OMG, I would so be all over this. Moving things when he isn't looking and blaming a ghost. Rattling chains, etc. I love to scare people (and be scared). My family is strange like that. :)

ChristyC said...

My 5 year old had an imaginary friend named Hotto. My BIL snuck a Valentine's Day card from Hotto into DD's class cards and she flipped out. That might actually have been the last we heard of Hotto.

SAIDFRAZ said...

Isn't it funny when our husbands turn out the be the scaredy-cats?