3 August 2012

Not by the hair of MY chinny-chin-chin.

I contemplated taking a picture to illustrate. Only thing is, I also have big pores and wasn't in the mood to highlight them. Another product of the Foote family gene pool.

I'm talking about chin hairs, people. And from what I've been able to tell, it runs in the family.

First was my mom with her mega-long thing that she was trying to grow out like a dreadlock. Seriously. She thought it was hilarious.

Then my sister mentioned she had one. I think. I may just be inventing that to not feel so alone, and I have an awful memory so I'll have to wait and see if she confirms*. But anyway, I'm pretty sure she had one too. She probably cried like a baby plucking it out.

And then a few years ago Jeff started laughing and pointed out that I was the proud new owner of my very own. Blech, was gone super duper fast. I found another one this morning, which is what brought this on. They sprout up a couple times a year. Again, blech.

Thing is, our genes are really strong. Like, mega strong in that you could pick the Footes out of a crowd of 500 people. And I feel a real responsibility to my female Foote cousins, so that they can keep an eye out for this. I betcha my aunts get them. It's a family secret. A revolting, but strangely fascinating, family secret.

Chin hairs, big pores, hairy toes (oops, let another one slip). Something has to balance the bright and sunny Foote smile right?

Consider this my PSA to you Chelsea, Brittany, Melissa, Stephanie, Brooke, Raeanna, and Kayleigh. You're welcome.

*She did NOT, in fact, get a hair on her chin. It was on her arm, and it's called a CALCIUM hair. And OMG please tell her that I DID NOT just write that for 20 people to read on the internet. Yes, I was yelled at and threatened until I cleared that up. She would probably have preferred me not to say she had a long hair on her arm but we're going for entertainment here guys. And I still maintain that she cried like a baby plucking it out.

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Chelsea said...

Thx for the heads up. I always knew I could blame my dad for the toe thing!