25 January 2013


Liam: *looking at the school website* Oh good, I don't have any homework.
Me: half your teachers don't even update that anyway, I don't trust it.
Liam: well I do have LA homework but that's a project I need the computer for.
Me: you can use mine.
Liam: no I'll just use my dads.
Me: fine.


Me: do some reading from your Social textbook anyway.
Liam: *showing me the textbook* it's just these pages that he mentioned us reading.
Me: um, what's that sheet sticking out?
Liam: oh. That? That's nothing. Don't worry about it.
Me: *grabbing it* look it's a worksheet! This is perfect, you can do this instead of just reading pages.
Liam: that's from, like, a long time ago. It's really old.
Me: weird, you wrote today's date in the corner.
Liam: COME ON.


Liam: *muttering to himself* I don't even know what pages to find these answers...did you hear me?
Me: *batting eyelashes* oh you're talking to me now? I wasn't sure.
Liam: snark snark, bitch moan and complain.
Me: can it with the attitude, look at the heading, and find it in the textbook.
Liam: I don't even know why you're making me do this. The teacher wants us to do this in class. This is SO UNFAIR.

Poor kid, he has a lot to learn about knowing when to just stop when he's ahead. We fought, I yelled, he listened, he did his homework, I regained my temper, he stomped downstairs. And then I made him clean his room.

Don't piss off your mother.

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