3 June 2013

Mr. Sensitive

I write a lot about how wild my kids can be, I'm sure at times I paint a picture of these hooligans who run around unchecked and uncaring of things and people around them. So I thought I'd share what happened tonight.

It was time to come in and I called out the window for the boys to start cleaning up their toys and then it was bath time. As usual, Josh zipped around the yard hauling all the crap to the shed while Nicky kept on playing on his scooter. 

I decided that it was time to reward Josh's good behavior with a little treat. Who knows if that's good parenting or not, we go on instinct over here. 

So I took the treat outside and crouched down in front of Josh and thanked him for putting the toys away and here's a treat and blah blah blah. As you can guess, immediate tears on Nicks part. 

Obviously I explained to him that I asked them both to put the toys away and only Josh listened and that's why Josh got a chocolate. I told him that if he helped next time then he'd get a treat too. I don't think he really heard me though, over his tears. 

Well, as we come inside what does Josh do but break his little chocolate in half and give some to Nicky. When did this kid get so compassionate? 

Either way, I'd consider that a parenting win. And hopefully next time they're both asked to help, the memory of his disappointment is enough to prompt a certain someone to pitch in.

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