13 July 2011

T-five hours!

Today is the day I'm finally doing something I have been talking about for years and years. I'm chopping the hair off.

Little nervous. Mostly excited.

I showed Jeff the picture I sent to my hairdresser (the talented Monica of Dare Your Hair) and here's what I got:

'You're going blond too? How about red...or black, black would be hot. Like your hair at Halloween...' (and on and on and rawr and blah blah blah).

It's going chocolate brown honey, sorry.

I was describing the cut to Liam, and in typical 12 year old boy fashion, this is what I got from him:

'You're going to look like a boy. I'm not sure that'll be a good look for you.'

Thanks for the honesty kid. How about this. You look like Justin Beiber. Snap.

Stay tuned for the big reveal. I'm hoping I don't look like a big huge idiot that made an unfortunate hair choice.

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