21 November 2011

The reason I'll always be chubby.

My love affair with chips has spanned decades. They are my weakness. It's pathetic, really.

You know how when you're eating a bag of chips and somebody asks for one right? And how you grab a chip and give it to that person. Right? Everyone doles out their chips don't they? No? Well I guess I can admit I'm a bit territorial about them. It always made me cringe when people would plunge their hands into my chip bag and come up with a big handful.

This behavior got me teased mercilessly by my friends in high school. I took it like a champ though.

Nowadays, my kids have all inherited my love of savory snacks. And I still have to battle the urge to smack their hands away when they're trying to 'share'. In reality, they don't get to eat chips very often. And that's only because I wait till they're out of the room, quickly fill a bowl with some chips, and then put the bowl in the sink so they can't see it and stand at the counter like I'm really busy cleaning and inhale them. Fools them every time.

Except I can't breathe near them till after I've brushed my teeth. They can smell them on my breath. In fact, Josh can detect the smell from about 4 feet away. And then it's all 'cheeps, cheeps, cheeeeeps mummy'.

Liam is old enough to buy his own chips now. And like I was in junior high, he doesn't like to share either. Keeps an eagle eye on me when I grab some from his bag. Gives me the stink eye when he thinks I've taken too many. Hell, half the time he refuses to share.

And as much as I understand, I still want to punch him in the face for being so greedy.

I know.

Don't even get me started on flavors and dips. Because this post could go on forever. Suffice it to say, I will eat any, and I mean ANY, flavor of chips. And I would kiss the feet of anybody who could find me some Helluva Good Buttermilk Ranch dip.

Other people get this obsessive about snacks right? I cannot be alone.

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Heather said...

Hi there! I love that you hide the chips in a bowl in the sink. Awesome idea!! :)