2 November 2011


It happened as I was stripping the bed after an unfortunate naptime accident. And it was so appropriate that I was unsure of whether to laugh or sit down and cry. I settled for rolling my eyes, humming along, and getting down to business.

Yep, that 90's tune that meant SO MUCH MORE 15ish years ago has now become my life's theme song.

Between the rare-but-still-happening-occasionally accidents with Nicky and Josh's insistence on 'unnerware' (though to date he has peed in the potty 4 times) I have been a non-stop pee cleaning machine. Our spot cleaner has never been used on such a continuous basis before and I don't even bother emptying the cleaning solution anymore. I'll just be refilling it within 12-24 hours.

My kids smell like pee, my house smells like pee, I'm pretty sure I smell like pee. This is so much fun!

Pissing the night away...


She Looks Like a Mom said...

Don't forget that you need to drink "a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a lager drink, a cider drink." Just so you're staying true to the song, of course. ;-)

Chani said...

But of course ;)