7 March 2012

Call me vain.


As a woman it's our crowning glory, no? We spend SO MUCH money on it, obsess over it, critique it (and everyone else's). Hair is what we use to hide behind or make ourselves stand out in a crowd, depending on your personality.

I luuuurve my hair. I love that I was gutsy enough to go through with chopping it all off. I'm growing it out right now just so I can chop it all off again. I'm a fan of grand gestures.

What I don't love is something that I spied in the mirror today. Every woman that's ever spent any time at all in front of a mirror scanning the top of their head knows exactly what I'm about to say. Gray hair.

Okay, not a lot. But not just one or two. They're interspersed all.over.my.head. Prior to 30 minutes ago, I was totally A-OK with having a natural hair color while I was growing out my hair.
Not anymore. Oh hell no, the only thing I have to decide on now is color. Hi-lites? One color? Decisions.

The only that is certain is that 32 is far too young to worry about this shit, and I am so glad that hair dye was invented!

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