13 March 2012

For real this time.

After last week's ra-ra post on losing weight I sort of fell flat on my face. I lack discipline, and I got really lazy about my running program.

Today I found myself on the Weight Watchers site for the first time in almost 2 years. I watched myself with amazement as I typed in my old username and password and decisively signed myself up again.

I'm a rule follower. I'm not a rebel, I can't make shit up as I go along. I need to be told how to do things, how much I'm allowed to do, and I need a nice big pat on the back when I've done a good job. Fireworks are optional, but appreciated.

So a program like WW is perfect for me. I might resist a little and sneak a treat here or there without recording it, but when I'm on WW that little treat would be more like 2 snack-sized kit kats. When I'm free-styling a treat is more like melted cheese on toast, a bag of chips WITH DIP, and some ice cream. Way over the top.

You can go ahead and figure out what that means about my personality.

So, NOW you can all sit back and witness the incredible melting girl. Last time I lost 30 pounds in 5 months by only dieting. This time we're adding in some fitness so I'm expecting to be ready for my 'after' picture a bit more quickly than that.

Oh ya, that's right. I took a disgusting 'before' picture of myself last week. It's so scary that even Jeff hasn't seen it. In fact, I didn't even tell him about it. That's how embarrassing it is. But I will be thankful in a couple months that I did it. And who knows, once I've reached my goal I may even do one of those side-by-side pictures and we can all ooh and ah over it.

Then you can set off fireworks and give me some high-fives, k?

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