27 April 2012

Adventures in potty training.

I avoided posting or making any big announcements about it. After all, I jinxed myself at LEAST twice on these very pages, bragging about how I was going to tackle potty training Josh and how smart I was going to be in figuring out timing and blah blah blah. No, this time I kept my damn mouth shut.

Monday night we were doing our weekly grocery shopping and Jeff asked if we were picking up pull-ups for Josh since the stash was getting low. Now, I hate buying diapers and pull-ups. I'm cheap when it comes to those, that's why I loved cloth diapers. So I decided right then that we were going to try potty training. Again.

Tuesday morning he stayed in a pull-up until after we picked Nicky up from school. Mostly because he usually takes his poo sometime in the morning and I was only interested in tackling one thing at a time. Come lunch time, poop out of the way, we pulled out the undies! We were very excited! This was going to be so much fun!

Pee everywhere. Pee on the couch. Pee on the kitchen chairs. Pee on the rug in their playroom. Pee. Pee. Peeeeee. But in the midst of that, he went on the potty unassisted and unprompted. I swear to god, that one pee was the only thing that gave me a ray of hope that day.

So Wednesday. Wednesday looked very much like Tuesday, but with a little more sitting on the potty and a little less pee all over my house. It was progress.

Yesterday was even better. Sure we had a bunch more pairs of wet undies BUT he was catching himself after the first few dribbles and going and sitting on his potty. All by himself.

Today he woke up and immediately banged on the bathroom door for Jeff to let him in to do his thang. And so far this morning, no pee accidents. That's not to say it's been a total success because now that he has the hang of peeing, we're doing the poop part. So there was that. That was fun. But hey, at least it stayed in the underwear and not all over his hands and my walls. Yippee!

...oh God, it's true. I'm sorry. After all this, I just realised that maybe you're not as interested in hearing about my kid's bodily functions as I am in writing about them? Yup it's true about moms, because THIS, this right here? It's the highlight of my week. Sadness. I used to be cool.

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