24 March 2014

I could go on and on and on...

Disclaimer: most of you will probably find this to be the most uninteresting post I've ever made.

But fellow Whovians will get it. 

So I just wrapped up watching the new series of Doctor Who. Seven seasons crammed into roughly a month, with all the Christmas specials, some of the mini-episodes and of course the 50th Anniversary Special. 

Whoa, did the Anniversary Special blow my mind. Perfect in every way. 

And of course, like everyone that has become emotionally invested in this show-the fandom in MASSIVE yo-I have many thoughts that are just itching to get out. And nobody in my immediate circle that I can talk about it with. I tried to get Liam to watch with me but he said no. Jeff is insisting that IF he watches it, then he wants to start at the beginning. Nicholas and Joshua, well they will watch with me sometimes, but try having an intelligent conversation about the T.A.R.D.I.S. with a 4 year old. Yeah.

That leaves here, where I can bullet my thoughts and interpretations for only about 10 of you to actually care about. Good enough for me! Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

  • Rose is my absolute favourite companion. She and the 9th Doctor had such a perfect friendship and it totally sucked me in. If I had started with 10 and say, Martha, I don't think I would have become so crazy about the show.
  • Mickey's progression was bang on. Very believable counterpoint to Rose and the Doctor. And I love that he married Martha. 
  • And our resident omni-sexual, Captain Jack. Love him so so so much. Next show to watch, Torchwood!
  • Even though it was 9 that sucked me in, the 10th Doctor is my favourite. From the tearjerker that was Doomsday (OMG), to the kiss that made Martha fall in love with him, to being John Smith and showing him as a human, to his utterly and completely platonic relationship with Donna. It was romantic and cold at the same time. Weirdly, that made it perfect. I didn't want him to go either. 
  • And speaking of, Doctor Donna? Best scenes of the whole series right there. I could watch that entire episode from start to finish a million times. My dream is that they fix Donna and her head and bring her back. 
  • I like that Rose got her closure with the Meta-Crisis Doctor. 
  • I'll come clean. I have very conflicting emotions and opinions about the 11th Doctor. On the one hand, I really liked him. And on the other hand, I found him incredibly difficult to watch. 
  • But I loved the Ponds. The Centurion. Amy and 11's best friendship. Amy following Rory. Only thing was, I was expecting to be more moved by the goodbye and I wasn't. I can't help but think they're not over yet.
  • And River Song. Again, I think I was expecting more than I got here. I thought I was going to love her, and I did. Her character was flashy and campy and entertaining but I never bought into her and the Doctor until their last episode. 
  • Which brings me to Clara. If not for Rose, she'd be my favourite. Ultimate sacrifice and just awesome the way they wove her into the entire fabric of the show. And that scene revealing Trenzalore with the Doctor crying? Loved the emotion. 
  • Oh, and I can't forget Vastra and Strax and Jenny. These ones kinda came out of nowhere for me. I'm positive there's a mini about how they came about somewhere but I haven't found it yet. Not that I've looked super hard. And I'm not too concerned either, because they exist perfectly for me without explanation. 
  • The Anniversary Special...can we all just agree that it was everything we ever dreamt it would be? Tying it all together into a perfect present. 
  • And 11's departure. Sad, but it was time. And no tears for me, I suppose because I never really connected with him. Unlike probably most of the rest of the universe. 
  • I'm very excited to see what the 12th Doctor is like. And him and Clara together, well I'm just very very curious. The eyebrows make me think he's going to be a little more serious and contained, which will be welcome for me after the elasticity of 11. But we will see.
See? A whole bunch of nonsense of you non-Whovians. But if you Doctor Who virgins were to ask me which episode I'd recommend you to watch, to get your interest piqued? Either 'Blink' or 'Vincent And The Doctor'. You'll never look at a statue or a Van Gogh the same way again. 

I feel so much better for having gotten some of this out! 

Also, one last thing. Fucking Daleks. I don't understand how they just. don't. die. They're like Stefano from Days Of Our Lives. And the Cybermen too, but really. Daleks. 

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