13 January 2009

The babyproofing continues...

So far, I have escaped the morning sickness bug! I'm crossing my fingers over here that it doesn't come because I shudder to think of what my whirlwind little monster could possibly get into while I have my head over a toilet. The visual is not encouraging. He's all over the place now, cruising from place to place and generally wreaking havoc on our home :) Nothing is safe from this little one, and especially not the power outlets. Personal favorite for him, that's for sure.

Another favorite is the shelves with all the games on it that we have in the basement. I'll be the first to admit that open shelves at crawling height are not exactly baby friendly...but I've been babyproofing the whole house as I go and doing this required some shifting and moving things around. Which I hadn't gotten to yet. But, I have gotten so sick of going over there and moving him away from the damn thing that today I just had to take the bull by the horns and do it. It wasn't difficult, but I'll probably get yelled at when Jeff gets home because I moved a big chest all by myself. But I swear, I didn't stress my body at all. And my poor husband has been run ragged off his feet shovelling our sidewalks, his parents sidewalks, and my dad's sidewalks. He barely made it out of bed this morning.

So it's done, and I can breathe easy for a while. I know he'll eventually figure out how to lift the lid to the chest far enough up so that it'll stay up, but it'll take a while and for now this will work. Plus he's not tall enough to reach into the chest to get anything out. Woohoo!

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