10 September 2009

39 weeks 1 day...not that I'm counting or anything.

Pretty soon here I'm going to hop in the shower and start getting ready for my doctor's appointment. I really didn't think that I would make this appointment...I was in the hospital last week with "false" labor.

**For the record I don't actually believe in "false" labor. That makes it sound like it was all in my head and nothing was actually going on. Never mind that I sat through 7 hours of contractions occuring every 3 minutes. I'm still a little bitter about it.

But to get back on topic. My dr.s appointment. He usually doesn't do internal checks to measure dilation but I have found that if he see's a legitimate reason he will do one. Since I really want to know if I've progressed past 3 cm I'm going to tell him about the pretty regular bouts of 2-3+ hours worth of contractions I've been having and see if that'll make him want to check. Hey, it worked 3 weeks ago!

Cross your fingers for me!

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M.A. said...

i can't even imagine. seriously. it feels like a twilight zone that i was in w/ maggie, and you w/ nicky. and you're doing it again! eeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!

prayin' for ya, toots. hope things go well. love to see you are back blogging!