9 September 2009

Remember me?

I have been encouraged to come out of blog hiding! I've been such a slacker the last 5 or 6 months and have neglected this blog shamefully, but hopefully that'll change. I know, I know, aren't I due any day now with baby #3? And I think I'll have time NOW, as opposed to the last half year? Well duh, ya!

So what has persuaded me, you may ask? There is a blog I have been reading for the past few months, www.pacingthepanicroom.com, and this super generous, caring dad has set up a giveaway for cloth diapers. I couldn't resist since I'm in luuuurve with cloth diapers!

Okay, so I already have a bit of a stash of 'em. I also have 2 babies to diaper since #2 is only 16 months old. And with only 1 income...shall we say the dollars are already being stretched? There's not much room in the budget to splurge out on any more of the good ones although I did sacrifice about $50 for some Dri-lines that'll only fit the new baby for the first 2 months maybe, 3 if he/she is a shrimpboat. After that these 2 little ones will be sharing diapers, and whoooo man I forsee a LOT of laundry in my future!!

Needless to say, these www.fuzzibunz.com would come in super handy! Back when I started cloth diapering Fuzzibunz didn't have the one-size dipes (or if they did I couldn't find them) so I decided, for the sake of my wallet, to go with BumGenius one-size. From what I've read and the personal opinions that I've gotten from friends, the two are pretty much on par with each other. Only major difference is BG's have velcro and FB's have snaps. No biggie!

*I actually have a confession to make. While I enjoyed cloth diapering and was very appreciative of the money saved, once I got pregnant again the smell of those solid food dirty diapers got to me so bad that I threw in the towel :( Well, I was going through the baby stuff in preparation for this new one and was getting the few diapers I have ready, and have decided that since Nicky is on a pretty predictable poop schedule I'm going to start using them again. I'll try to time the poopy ones with a disposable until we can get a diaper sprayer, and I think I'll have to invest in a proper diaper bag instead of the flip top garbage pail we were using. But this is the plan!

Okay off to link now (I'm a novice linker so I hope this actually works!)

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