12 September 2009

I have a pregnant husband.

It started out as a joke, back when I was pregnant with Nicholas. Right from the very beginning it seemed like every symptom I was getting, so was Jeff. In fact, he was getting a lot of symptoms that I should have been getting but wasn't. The moodiness and up and down emotions. Putting together strange concoctions in the kitchen and actually eating them. The other ones, like nausea, heartburn, tiredness, gas...check, check, check, check. If I had it then so did he.

Some might think that he was doing it to get attention but here's the thing. He wouldn't know a pregnancy symptom if it up and hit him in the head. As much as he was on board with becoming a dad he's just not the kind of guy who's going to go out and study up on it. He tried, he bought a humerous book about fatherhood...I think he got maybe 3 chapters in. The main things his dad-friends talked about regarding their wives being pregnant were how much bitchier they got and how much sex they wanted. Fortunately he lucked out with having a pretty even-keeled wife. UNfortunately he didn't cash in on other part of what the dad's were talking about.

Fast forward to this pregnancy. It's pretty much mirrored the last one, dude is totally having another sympathetic pregnancy. I think it's sweet and shows how in tune we are. I know this guy inside and out but sometimes I worry that he doesn't have the same connection to me since I can be so...closed? I guess you could say that I'm not overly-emotional. But this, Jeff's reaction to me being pregnant, reinforces that we do have that bond.

This all has a point, I swear! I'm getting to the last few days before my due date and have been nesting like mad. Today, true to form, he has officially started his nesting too. So far today he has emptied and cleaned out the pool, washed down all the various pool toys and inflatables and put everything away. He weatherproofed the new window he put in last weekend. He fixed the valance and curtains in our bedroom. He went out and got some plyboard for Nicky's toddler bed base and installed that. He filled the cracks between the sidewalk and the house. After we get home from our walk (that will hopefully help induce labor) he's planning on fixing the closet door in our room, changing out the blinds in the back porch, and changing out the blinds and installing the new lighting fixture in Liam's room. This man makes me feel lazy.

So I think I can safely say that this baby will be coming very soon. I just have to keep an eye on Jeff and watch for any contractions he might be having!

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