31 May 2011

Annoying and cute.

To set the stage: I'm sitting at the kitchen table trying to drink my coffee. Liam is still sleeping, the two youngest are running around the house yelling about going outside, and Jeff is getting his lunch ready for work. It's 7:05 am.

Now Nicky is climbing onto my lap, followed closely by Josh.

N: I'm two!
J: IIII twoooooo!
N: No, I'M two!
J: IIII twoooooo!
N: You're not two, I'M two!
J:...IIII twooooooo!
N: Joshua Michael Panchuk, I'MMM TWOOOO!
J: IIII twoooooo!

Mommy: No, Nicholas you are three, and Joshua you are one.
Daddy: (shoulders are shaking with laughter as he stands with his back to us at the counter preparing his breakfast of chocolate ice cream and cinnamon toast crunch)(not a word is uttered from his mouth)

N: Ya sure, I'm three!
J: IIII threeeeee!

Daddy: Have a great day honey!
Mommy: *facepalm*

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