9 May 2011

I am so excited. No, really.

Potty training is intimidating. Especially when you're all on your own as a parent to get it done and can't fall back on the daycare to do the tough part and just follow it up at home.

Trust me, I got lucky the first time around with Liam.

I have quite an extensive group of friends who are mothers of children the same age as Nicky. The discussions about potty training have been running rampant for at LEAST a year and a half. Whenever I felt compelled to add in my 2 cents, it was always backed up with the statement "I'll take my cue from him".

Or "boys are so much harder to train, it'll be easier to wait till he's a bit older".

Or "he won't be going to kindergarten still in diapers".

Or "...fill in the blank".

For me, all of those things meant the exact same thing; I know how much work is involved and I'm frankly not interested in trips to the bathroom every 30 seconds. Like, seriously. I would find it annoying if I had to visit the bathroom that often. Never mind someone else, even if I love him to distraction.

Jeff, you're so on your own in another 40 years.

But, I also said if he hadn't started on his own by the time he turned 3 then I would start the process. His birthday has come and gone. And he's still pissing in a diaper.

We went out and picked him up some COOL big boy undies; Buzz Lightyear & Woody, Thomas the Train, and Diego. He went bananas when he saw them and wanted to put them on right away. No no, hold up mister. Mommy needs to be mentally prepared in addition to physically.

This morning marks the start of Operation Slash our Diaper Costs in Half.

It's been...12 minutes. He's peed in the potty once. He's due for another bathroom break in 3 minutes. No accidents so far, which isn't saying much since even a BABY should be able to go 15 minutes between, um, pee breaks.

So, I get to live the next couple weeks of my life in 15 minute increments, combined with an every 2 minute crotch grab. You're all jealous, Iknow.

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