11 May 2011


1. I had a meltdown this morning when it comes to the damn potty training. I threw a diaper on Nicky and told him he made me very mad. He stared at me, then danced off and played with some Thomas trains.

Probably not the best way to handle it, but we'll be back to undies after nap time.

2. I'm looking forward to the next 6 days of reverting back to my messy bachelorette days while Jeff is out of town. I'm NOT looking forward to listening to the whining about 'where's daddy?'.

Okay, okay. I'll miss him too. We don't spend very many nights apart and he's like my 3rd arm, it'll feel weird not having him here too.

3. In a totally unexpected turn of events, JEFF signed up for a monthly membership at our pool too!! I kicked his ass on laps the other night, he had to go sit in the hot tub while I continued swimming. Ha HA!

He says he's going to get up in the morning before work and go to the gym. I say he's living in a dreamworld, dude pushes snooze more than any person alive.

(he also can't resist a challenge, even when it's as blatant as this)

That's about it, time to go tackle the crushed up cinnamon toast crunch that's all.over.my.house.

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