3 November 2008

All the cool kids are doing it.

So, I'm jumping on this bandwagon - side note: notice how every new blogger says this in the first paragraph of their first post? I'm jumping on that bandwagon too! Actually, it's kinda like when my best friend and I got our noses pierced in high school...I'm only doing it because Jess is doing it! Hehe. Cuz I'm a follower.

I guess I should start by introducing you to my fam. First up we have Liam, my firstborn son. He is nine years old (God that makes me feel old) and is pretty cool. I mean, come on, his favorite band is Black Sabbath. Or Guns n Roses. As IF you aren't jealous that I have such a cool kid!


Next up we have Nicholas, my sweet little baby boy. He is six months old right now and is VERY rolly polly. He hasn't told me yet what his favorite band is, however, he can be put asleep by Mama singing some Radiohead to him on Rockband.


And then there's my fabulous husband Jeff. I think the photo below says it all. Though I'm not treated to him dressed up in full Glam Rock gear on a daily basis, he does make me laugh all. the. time. I couldn't ask for more.


And there you have it, the people I care most about in the world. I'll try to update daily, for all 2 of you people who will actually be reading this :)

Rock on.

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Just Jess said...

sooo cool! I love the skulls :) and your blog name :) You are one of the cool kids now.. Why? because I said so... haha