18 February 2010

3 things.

I'm having a moment. A covetous moment. I want, I want, I want.

These moments always seem to come at the precise time when you barely have enough money to cover your bills, let alone have anything left to play with.

ANYWAY. Here are the 3 things I want badly right now:

A Phil & Ted's stroller. These things are SO COOL and I'm jealous of all my friends that have one.

A DSLR. I get so frustrated with the amount of work I have to put into my camera to take a picture that at least doesn't look like crap, but still is nowhere near what it could be.

An iphone. This is actually more attainable than the other things I want, but I have to wait for it. And I'm an Instant Gratification kind of gal.

All right, I guess it's time to go and make lunch, somebody is whining in the kitchen like I've been starving him for the last 4 days.

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