24 February 2010

Quick update

This weeks weigh in: 145 pounds. Not bad but not good either. Staying the same is disappointing and I hope I'm not hitting a plateau but I'm pretty sure it's because I was getting a little lax in my eating habits. You know, eating just a little bit extra than I should have and not counting it towards my points. Not drinking enough water. Drinking too much coffee with my delicious hazelnut creamer. That sort of thing. So it's back on the bandwagon for moi.

I did the shred as well and it DID kick my ass but it was also pretty awesome. I'm putting it on hold for now though because I need to invest in a good sports bra and they're expensive. We'll be back on track financially in the next month but with Jeff starting his new job last week it's just been a little rocky. I do have the wii and it still gives me quite the workout so I'll be doing that again.

As for the before pic, I didn't have a full body shot from where I started in January so here is one of me sitting down at Christmas. You can still see how fat I am so it works.


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Keep posting stuff like this i really like it