28 February 2010

More space for MY stuff now.

Yesterday was a great day! Back when we found out we were expecting Josh we decided to move Nicky into the bigger bedroom and we took the smaller one. Our theory was that 2 kids and their toys needed more space. Well. More space = more toys to make a mess and I was getting heartily sick of banging into things in our crowded room. A couple months ago I put the bug in Jeff's ear that I wanted to switch rooms back but he kept putting me off with excuse after excuse not to do it. Just wait till after the vasectomy. Oh, he needs to finish the closet door. He just started a new job. Blah blah blah.

Then comes Friday. I had decided that I wanted to do it this weekend but when I talked to Jeff he of course put it off again so I dropped it. We're hanging out at home and he gets a text from a friend to go watch the Olympic hockey game and I saw my chance! I told him I was cool with him going as long as we could do the old switcheroo on Saturday and he really wanted to go so he agreed. We dropped the younger boys off at my moms and got it all done in about 3 hours.

The OTHER great thing that happened yesterday was I got my iPhone!!!! I must say, it's pretty fun to play around with and texting is no longer a pain in the ass. Liam is all over it like a dirty shirt and is begging begging begging for one. And it's so so so not going to happen. An 11 year old with his own cell phone? I gotta say, I just don't agree. We have the other phone on our plan (since Jeff has a work one now) and he is allowed to take that one when he goes to the park, friends houses, etc., but otherwise it stays in the microwave cabinet.

So all around a great weekend :) Now I just have to go make a birthday card for a little princess that's turning 2 today. Happy Birthday Hailey!!

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