3 May 2010

Bitch, whine, and complain.

Today, it seems like everyone is trying to outdo my bad mood. I woke up cranky and it's gone downhill from there.

Baby...alternating between crying and chewing on everything in sight. That one's easy, he's teething. But due to the DAMN Tylenol recall and the runaround trying to figure out if what I have on hand is good or not, he's got no relief coming his way. And neither do I.

Toddler...so spoiled from a weekend of sugar and attention, all he wants to do is go outside. It's a rainy damp mess out there and I'm not inclined to taking the baby out. Cue the alternating crying and writhing around on the floor.

Pre-teen...he's moody because I'm forcing him to participate in a round table discussion on the environment tonight so he's making sure I know he's not doing this willingly. He's actually the easiest to deal with because one threat of taking away his x-box and he's retreated to the basement until we have to head out.

Husband...he's overwhelmed at work right now with virus's and whatnot, and is just in a bad mood. He's used to me being his sounding board but...today...I can't be that person. Just get what needs to be done, done, and then soon enough it will be bedtime, we can all go to sleep, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

This mama has reached her patience quota for the day. I need to breathe.

Oh ya, down to 130 pounds. Woo. Hoo.

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