19 May 2010

Dirty feet and peanut butter.

I had the half-hearted intention of conducting an experiment. It involved mopping my floors every day for the week to see if that would get Jeff to stfu about my dirty feet.

I concluded after day 2 that it's just not a reasonable expectation.

Seriously, it would involve mopping ALL my floors daily. Bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, entire basement. Because I am all over the house throughout the day, outside too, and I never ever wear socks or shoes.

Call me Brittney Spears, but I'll never have clean feet. Jeff can just accept it.

In other news, after at least a year of trying, I have finally been successful in convincing Nicky that peanut butter is delicious.

We have a trick to get him to try new food. Hold whatever the food is on your finger in front of his face. Wait for him to start screaming because you're obviously trying to KILL him. Quickly stick finger with food on it inside his mouth and directly on the tongue. Pull finger out as fast as possible to avoid being bitten.

Now wait for the reaction.

Nine times out of ten he'll wipe his tongue while shrieking because AHH we're POISONING HIM. Every so often though, he'll shock us and actually like what we're trying to introduce. And that's what happened with the peanut butter today.

Plus it's funny as hell watching him freak out. I gotta get it on video.

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