12 June 2010

One can dream.

I sincerely wish I had inherited my mom's green thumb. That woman could spend her whole life outside, tending to her garden and flower beds, ignoring the phone, and she would die happy. Severe seasonal allergies? She laughs in the face of pollen!

However, it's just not the case. The bugs! The dirt! The sore knees! Oh ya, and the bugs! As I was pulling weeds out of my low-maintenance rock beds today I had the heebie-jeebies so bad that all I wanted to do was run inside and away from those nasty centipedes.

Did you know that peonys (peonies?) attract ants? I've got two of these monsters in my front yard and I forgot to put the rings around them when they were smaller. I decided to do it today, took one look at the army of ants swarming on them, and walked away. Whatever, they can droop. I'm not touching the ants, frig that.

I've tried manipulating my mom into coming over here and doing my gardening for me. She humors me and tells me she'll do it...but it hasn't happened yet. Don't think I haven't noticed MOM.

I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that I'll never have one of those yards with the riots of beautiful colors. I've tried before, even gone so far as to buy flowers with full intentions of planting them but they just sat in their little container thingys until they died. Pathetic.

This makes me far more depressed than you'll ever know. I want to have a green thumb!

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