3 June 2010

Two more days, I can make it!

Today has been kicking my ass so far. Between the younger boys getting over colds, the older boys in the midst of colds, teething, and the bank messing up our account AGAIN, I just want to close my eyes and make it all dissappear.

Okay that's a bit dramatic, I realise. Things are going okay now, but if you'd asked me 2 hours ago how I was doing it would have been a different story. It's amazing what bitching out a bank can accomplish and how quickly it can turn your attitude around. Add sleeping children, and I no longer want to commit suicide.

Which is a good thing since I don't know what my family would do without me!

And, I get a break this weekend! I'm going out to a birthday party and then dancing with some good friends. Jeff and I have agreed that short of an emergency where he has to take the kids to the hospital, he's not calling me. There will be tears, to be sure, but they won't be MY tears. Unless they're tears of happiness because I'll have a couple hours of freedom.

*and for those still interested, I've been holding steady between 130-132 for the past 3 weeks or so. Once the weather starts co-operating I plan on walking with the kids in the mornings. I say that..but I say many things that don't actually happen. We'll see.

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