10 June 2010

Totally realistic.

I installed an app on my phone that tracks my walks for me. Route, time, distance, etc.. I also have it set up to publish straight to my facebook status exactly when I've started and when I've ended my walk. If you click on the link from my facebook page it takes you to google where you can actually view my route with real pictures of my neighborhood.

Because I'm generally trusting and oblivious by nature, the obvious never occured to me. I mean, really, how could I be so naive to not think of every possible scenerio. This next thing is probably going to happen to me the next time I go for a walk.

One of Jeff's psycho ex's will stalk me out on facebook because I don't have my privacy settings high enough, and will see that I've started a walk.

She'll jump in her car and track me down to where I'm walking with my 2 children in a stroller.

She'll murder me and kidnap the kids.

She'll blackmail Jeff into being with her by threatening the kids.

...okay, I made up the blackmailing part but I guarantee, given enough time, Jeff would have gotten that far when he was thinking this shit up.

This is the same man who thinks it's a reasonable idea to put GPS trackers in our kids pockets when they're at school-sitting in their classrooms, mind you-because one time a couple years ago, there was this one girl who was snatched from the bathroom at school. By her uncle, he thinks. But if our kids are GPS chip-enabled, WHEN they're kidnapped we can avoid the Amber Alerts and know exactly where to find them.

I think this is why fate brought us together, so I could tone down the crazy.


The Crazy Husband said...

You are funny hunny.
I am GPS "chipping" you.

Just Jess said...