22 August 2010

Excuse me, I'm a little sleepy.

Sleep is supposed to restful, no?

I have gotten used to nursing a child through the night, I can even manage the one-eyed stumble over to the crib to grab his screaming body at 1 am without too much interruption to my sleeping state.

What is not so easy to manage is a 6 foot male, an 11 month old that likes to sleep sideways, a toddler that neeeeeds to sleep next to me, and myself...all on a double bed.

Four years ago when we bought our new mattress set I was absolutely not thinking long term and since I already had a double bed frame it only followed that we would buy a double mattress and boxspring. I wasn't thinking babies or co-sleeping or anything beyond the fact that I was making my very first grown up purchase.

We know we need to buy a king size set. A couple of things make me hesitant to do it though: our room is not large. A king size would eat up all available space and force us to move the crib into Nicky's room, where Josh's nighttime screaming would likely wake him up before I could dash in there and grab him.

Although...Nicky is already waking up and coming into our bed about 50% of the time. Okay, next argument.

I'm thinking about what potential buyers would see when they're looking at our home. No, we don't plan on listing soon but it's going to happen sometime in the next 1.5 years and a king would make our small room look even smaller. Is this even a valid concern? It's not like we have little man syndrome, we know our home is small. I'm just trying to see it through a buyer's perspective.

And speaking of new homes, I kind of wanted a new bedroom set to be part of us making the next move into our next place. Something shiny and pretty and new.

But. My aching back and shoulders. Jeff's aching back and shoulders. Nicky falling on the floor repeatedly because he insists on sleeping next to me instead of next to his dad in the middle. Josh being a crazy sideways-sleeping monster.

And Liam would be thrilled to inherit our old set.


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