25 August 2010


It's official, my new haircut truly is kick ass. I washed it last night and this morning I wet it down again and attempted to style it.

We all know that it's impossible to re-create the style you left the salon with. That's why, as much as I loved the cut, I was a little nervous. And I don't own a round brush, which apparently you need to give your hair volume.

I muddled through it with my trusty little Goody brush and I'm happy to report that it looks as close as possible to how it looked on Monday. Meaning, it looks awesome!

Which is a good thing because this is definitely not a wash-and-go cut. In fact, this is a put-on-makeup-and-get-out-of-those-sweats cut.


1 comment:

M.A. said...

You look hawt <3. :)