25 October 2010

Hanging on to my good mood.

All over the place today. There's too much bitchiness in this house to concentrate on just one thing. I have about 30 seconds in between running interference on these children.

Snow. It's so beautiful and white and pretty. It also causes my 2 year old to go nuts and whine and cry at the window because he wants to go outsiiiiide. So far I've fetched 6 snowballs just to shut him up.

Nothing is working to shut up the youngest one. I'm in the process of cutting out the morning nap in the hopes that the afternoon nap and bedtime goes more smoothly. You can only imagine his state right now. Tired and cranky doesn't even begin to describe. Right now he's got his head buried in my back and is crying.

Also, did you know that it's always your fault if your child forgets to set his alarm clock and wakes up 15 minutes before he's supposed to be out the door to school? I was reminded of that fact this morning. The atmosphere around here was eerily similar to every morning for the first 7 years of his life, a time that I never ever ever want to go back to. Horrors.

Me? I'm doing pretty good! These kids can't get me down, no matter how hard they try. I lost 3 pounds in the last week and so I'm well on my way to getting rid of that last 13 pounds that I mentioned a couple posts ago. Go Me!

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