7 October 2010

Turning over another new leaf.

It's time to get back in the saddle. From January to June-ish I dropped a total of 31 pounds which is awesome. Go Me!

From June-ish to now I've managed to gain back 5 of those pounds. That may not seem too bad but dudes, let's do the math. If I can gain 5 pounds in 4 months then in a year I will have gained 15 pounds. In 5 years that's 75 pounds.

Kill me now.

It's those damn chips. I'm not picky, I'll eat any kind. I do prefer some tasty salt & vinegar but if all that's left is bbq well frick, pass 'em on over this way.

If I've got a hankering for some nacho's with cheese melted all over them and a couple of sides of salsa and sour cream, bring it on.

I've sent Jeff to the store at 10 pm to pick me up some chips and a slurpee. Without even the excuse of being pregnant.

The difference between my eating habits now and my eating habits 9 months ago is, when I put a single chip in my mouth I know exactly how bad it is and I have to ask myself "is this really worth it?"

So far, yes. Yes, yes, 1000 times yes. Literally.

Not any more though, I just have to find the willpower somewhere.

Today, 133 pounds. Here we go!

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