4 October 2010

Hippies are really just lazy people.

Josh just celebrated his 1st birthday and he's still 150% attached to the boob. It's the longest I've been able to nurse any of my babies and there's no end in sight. It doesn't stress me out anymore though.

I joked this weekend at his party that he'd be 4 and still nursing. My sister freaked out even though she knows I'm JOKING. And then she called me a hippie.

Her reasoning? And keep in mind that this is gathered over the course of many daily conversations during which we discuss our completely opposite methods of parenting.

I breastfeed, happily! It's taken me a mother effing long time to accept it though.

I (used to) use cloth diapers. But then I got lazy about washing diapers for 2 kids and just bought disposables.

I guage my youngins health by inspecting their bowel movements. That one I'll admit is kinda gross.

I co-sleep. Another example of laziness, I can't imagine waking up in the middle night and trying to stay awake during a feeding in order to lay the sweet little bambino back in his crib.

I don't run to the doctor's office every time they get a sniffle, instead letting their body's fight infection on their own if at all possible. This one is mostly because I have a big fat mental block on taking any kind of medicine. I make an exception for Tylenol during teething however. I'm not a martyr.

I'm about as relaxed as if I HAD actually just smoked a big fatty when it comes to them licking juice off the sidewalk or eating sand from the backyard. ...again, could be the laziness kicking in. I brush it off by saying I'm allowing them to build up their immune systems.

So, while I admit I do approach parenting in a more earthy and casual manner it's probably just laziness.

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Anonymous said...

You can call it laziness if you must but it's actually called being "Realistic". Another word for it is "Survival", and I do know women who have nursed their children until they were 3 or 4. Night Time only mind you, and the kids are happy, healty and although it creeps me out just a tad, seemingly uneffected by it. The husbands however, Did NOT like the idea of sharing for that long!